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Costa Foundation - Gora Bantu Primary School is Now Open!

Going to school means everything to them - The community of Gora Bantu, Ethiopia, can now watch their kids grow up with fresh drinking water

& the ability to have an education.


From all our team at Goldex, it is our great pride to announce the completion of the Gora Bantu Primary School that is set to open 31st of May 2019. It is our intention that the school will be officially inaugurated in November 2019 by Diljit Brar from Goldex accompanied by Piers Blake and Kay Brunton from the Costa Foundation.

The project consists of two blocks, totaling eight-classrooms, a library block and two I1D standard sanitation blocks, with eight pits each. In addition and funded by Run4Water (a Canadian NGO), the project has also provided one water point (for the school) as well as two water points and a tap filter (for the community).

Over a thousand children have been given the ability to learn, read & write in a clean environment fit for learning and will now grow up to teach future generations of this incredible feat.

This work would not of been possible without the partnership of the Costa Foundation and your support, your donations & your determination in reaching the goal of raising £150,000!

To learn more information or on how to donate visit our charity page at:

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