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Everyone has the right

To Learn, Read & Write

In collaboration with the Costa Foundation we decided that its time for change. With your donations & support we raised enough funds to build our own school. 


We started the funding in 2018 to build a School in Gora Bantu Ethiopia, the school was opened in 2019 and now educates 800 children, both boys and girls. Previously only the boys went to school in the area.


We started a diary herd this year as children were coming to school without breakfast and spending the day before returning home hungry. The younger children now get milk every morning that provides protein and calcium as well as nourishment for them. The main objectives of this project were to provide students in need with daily access to milk, promoting their health, growth, and development.

Gora Bantu Primary School.jpg

"We celebrated reaching our Grand total of £212,000 in 2018"


Let me take this opportunity to thank you all again for your incredible support and effort and to update you on the school details. 


School: Gora Bantu Primary School 

Location: Gora Bantu, Barbare, District of Bale Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Project: To create access to pre-primary and primary education for 1,393 school aged children in the coffee growing community of Gora Bantu. 

Gora Bantu, Ethiopia
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