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Costa Coffee named "NATION'S FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP BRAND" for the eighth year in a row

It is an absolutely great start to the year 2018 for Costa coffee. Costa has been voted by coffee industry experts Allegra as the nation's favourite coffee shop for the eighth year in a row.

Costa Nation's Favourite Coffee Shop - 8th years in a row


The survey carried out by Allegra during the year and 51% quoted Costa as their preferred coffee shop. It has identified that the gap between Costa and the other competitors has been expanded, compared to the previous year of the survey. This truly explains the love of our customers towards the brand.

2018 - Nation's Favourite Coffee Shop - Costa Coffee


Quite a lot of parties have worked very closely to achieve this great award. A huge thank you to our loving customers who have been with us, trusting and caring about the brand for all the years and massive well done to everyone at Costa and the partnerships for their amazing contribution in keeping the brand at its highest level and standing out from all the competition.

About the survey: “Project Café2018 UK, the definitive new report from Allegra World Coffee Portal” is an independent survey and is awarded by a panel of coffee shop visitors. The coffee shop market is made up of coffee-focused and food-focused chains, independents and non-specialist including supermarket cafés, department store cafés, retail shops with cafés, pubs, hotels, motorway service stations, forecourts and fast food outlets. Costa Coffee (2,326 outlets), Starbucks (956) and Caffè Nero (675) remain the UK’s leading brands with 52.9% branded chain market outlet share.

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