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New Costa Coconut Milk Drinks Range

Costa has launched another milk alternative for loving customers from 04/01/2018. Really a new turning point for our customers who look for dairy-free drink options.

But not just for them, also for the coffee lovers who seek a change for their favourite coffee.

During the last few days, we have received some great feedback from our customers. Almost every customer who has tasted the coconut milk said "it is a great idea" and thanked Costa for deciding to bring it out.

There are 3 main drinks that customers can try with the new Coconut milk for the introductory price of £2.95 (For a period of time).

1. Coconut Vanilla Latte

Well-balanced vanilla and coconut flavours combine with subtle strength of espresso, decorated with golden toasted coconut chips and vanilla seeds. This smooth and creamy drink will give you unwinding and refreshing experience.

Coconut Vanilla Latte

2. Coconut Flat White

A balanced drink allowing the coffee to be hero. With a coconut sweet aroma followed by a subtle desiccated coconut sweetness finished with a pleasant nutty dryness. Velvety smooth texture and finished with the perfect florette.

Coconut Flat White

3. Coconut Mocha

Rich, full-bodied espresso combines with indulgent and creamy chocolate coconut milk. This complex, bitter-sweet drink perfectly balances rich cocoa, refreshing coconut, and delicious hazelnut notes.

Coconut Mocha

Not Just that, there is a new Vegan Cake slice which has just got in to our cake counters.

Paradise Slice

A chewy desiccated coconut base flecked with sultanas, apricot and cranberries, topped with glossy plain chocolate and decorated with raspberry and pistachio crumb. Perfect with our Coconut Flat White!

With all this excitement in our stores, why don't you come and try our new range of products?

Our store locations are CLICK HERE

You will not be disappointed!!!

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