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Everyone has the right

To Learn, Read & Write

In collaboration with the Costa Foundation we decided that its time for change. With your donations & support we raised enough funds to build our own school. 

Over the past 2 years, we have been dedicated to fundraising enough money for us to build a Goldex Funded school in Ethiopia

in partnership with the Costa Foundation. 


"We celebrated reaching our Grand total of £212,000 in 2018"


Let me take this opportunity to thank you all again for your incredible support and effort and to update you on the school details. 


School: Gora Bantu Primary School 

Location: Gora Bantu, Barbare, District of Bale Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Project: To create access to pre-primary and primary education for 1,393 school aged children in the coffee growing community of Gora Bantu. 

Gora Bantu, Ethiopia

How can I help?

Due to the overwhelming support & dedication to fund this great cause, we have set up a Sponsor me page to make it easier to donate.

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Whether it be just £1, every donation matters & helps give an education to people who haven't been given the chance.

Everyone has a right to learn,read & write

This school which is currently in place has the following disadvantages: 


  • Current classrooms constructed out of sticks and mud

  • The floor is dusty and children exposed to fleas & influenza 

  • Flooding erodes the classroom and makes it difficult for children to come to school 

  • 6 out of the 15 classrooms are currently in disrepair and are structurally unstable

  • Only 48% of students have desks and rest of class sit on stones and the muddy floor 

  • Classrooms are dark with no adequate windows or ventilation 

  • No water or sanitation facilities. This leads to a high number of students being affected by waterborne diseases

  • No early childhood education opportunities for children of Gora Bantu

  • No library or reading resources

  • No indoor/outdoor playing materials for children

  • Parents have a lack of awareness and lack of positive attitude towards the value of education 

  • High levels of school drop outs

The Project

The project will involve constructing 2 blocks of four classrooms each, a library, two blocks of gender-segregated eight pit latrines and a clean water source at the school. 

It will also involve fully furnishing the classrooms and the library. education materials and supplies, and school club leaders and teacher training. 


This is an incredible achievement and one that would not have been possible without all the hard work and effort that you have all put in raising money, and awareness within your stores and local communities. 


We will update you further as progress is made on the build of the school!

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